weweprotect is a digital Peer-to-Peer insurance platform that provides our members with multiple insurance products using a fully mobile, online and artificial-intelligence driven distribution model.

Our vision ‘Together, We Create More’ reflects our aim to bring insurance back to its roots where our members come together to enjoy superior, cheaper and delighting insurance solutions that have the best protection and care benefits.

Together, We Create More


Our Big Problem

The beginnings of Insurance

350 years ago, Insurance was started by like-minded people who came together with the aim of pooling their money to protect themselves from certain defined risks. If the risks did not occur at the end of the insured period, the money is redistributed back to the same group of people.

Insurance is fundamentally a risk sharing arrangement.

Today, insurance has deviated from its original purposes of Protection and Care for its most important stakeholder – We, the Customer.

Only a minimal amount of the $$ paid is used for our own coverage and benefits

Insurance is overpriced - most of it goes to paying for other’s expenses and commissions

It is too tedious to process a claim - worse, it gets rejected

Beyond a payout, care by insurers is not forthcoming to mitigate the sudden changes to our lifestyle and family members.



1Superior, cheaper, and delighting

Our members receive cheaper and better insurance solutions along with a potential for cash rebates.

  • Crowdfunding the risks
  • Full transparency in how your money is being utilized
  • Highest protection benefit per dollar
  • Cash rebates

Crowdfunding the risks

Depending on your profile, weweprotect members will contribute a fixed fee and then pool together to enjoy protection benefits.

Full transparency

weweprotect charges a fixed percentage for the services and all direct costs relating to your protection only; we charge nothing else. And we tell you what is the exact amount.

Highest Protection Value

For every dollar you spend, the majority goes into paying for protection.

Cash Rebates

Any money left at the end of the insured period goes back to our members as cash rebates.

2Care beyond protection

When help is needed, we will ask members with spare capacity to deliver assistance services to others in the community. And in return, they get rewarded via credit points or cash.

  • Member-Care-Member
  • Communal Care
  • Earn rewards

Providing care for you at your most difficult moment is a feature in all our protection solutions.

Whether it is homecare, cleaning services, travelling for medical appointments or review by doctors, weweprotect will coordinate with members who have the spare capacity, and living within your community to come to your aid. And in return, they are rewarded credit points or cash(depending on the type of services delivered).

This is our unique Member-Care-Member scheme.


We are a fully digital platform – members enjoy straightforward and seamless process from subscription to claims.

  • Easy Process
  • Prompt Response

To minimise unnecessary paperwork to you, we designed our processes at every touch-point to be efficient, paperless and easy.

And to uphold the best customer experience, we provide you a Claims Service Guarantee, or your money back.

4Lifestyle management & advice

We want to help you stay healthy. That’s why we created Kylie, an AI-powered Personal Assistant to help you monitor your lifestyle and habits for better awareness of your well-being.

We would like to have conversations with you, our esteemed members.

weweprotect uses market-leading deep learning technology, data analytics and smart devices to help you detect risks early, take preventative actions, and increase longevity.

To achieve these goals, we will provide adaptive coaching, risk advisory services and guided habits at the right place and right time – all at zero cost to you, whenever you want it.

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